Avoid Optin Accelerator

At first glance, Any Optin Accelerator review on the net may make the service seem like a good idea if you are an aspiring web marketer and you want to follow successful and top ranking sites that have used Optin in the past, such as Myspace and Facebook. But if you would take the time to peruse every single Optin Accelerator review in the Internet, you’ll realize that in the end, your success will hurt your site visitors and the industry in general.

As a bit of a backstory, Optin Accelerator is basically a script that allows the less intelligent users of websites to give out the login details of their email account so that the site can use its address book to send out “personal” invites to the people listed therein. It may seem like a harmless idea for the user, until she realizes that she is basically giving a random website access to her private info and letting it attach her name to its promotional materials. As an icing to the metaphorical cake, you should at least consider the embarrassment involved when your boss – who really hates spam and employs a team of IT professionals to keep his inbox manageable – suddenly receives several of “your signed invitation” to a new social networking site, which just so happens to contain a blog where you rant about your work.

But of course, webmasters will still use Optin Accelerator because all that matters to them is to get as many people to sign up, just so they can make money off the ads and the sponsors and the tie-ups, loyalties to the surfers be damned. IMO, Despite the promise of any Optin Accelerator review, all it does is make the life of spammers easier.

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